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it's a long list and many achievements were to the benefit of humanity

take only this :
First correct description of circulation of the blood - William Harvey
Smallpox vaccine - Edward Jenner
Antisepsis in surgery - Joseph Lister
Artificial intraocular lens transplant surgery for cataract patients - Harold Ridley
Colour blindness first described by John Dalton in Extraordinary facts relating to the vision of colours

or this

 Compound microscope with 30x magnification - Robert Hooke
Electrical generator (dynamo) - Michael Faraday
Galvanometer - William Sturgeon
Infrared radiation - discovery commonly attributed to William Herschel.
Newtonian telescope - Sir Isaac Newton
Micrometer - Sir William Gascoigne
the first bench micrometer that was capable of measuring to one ten thousandth of an inch - Henry Maudslay
Sinclair Executive, the world's first small electronic pocket calculator - Sir Clive Sinclair
Slide rule - William Oughtred [14]
Synthesis of coumarin, one of the first synthetic perfumes, and cinnamic acid via the Perkin reaction- William Perkin
The Law of Gravity - Sir Issac Newton
DNA fingerprinting - Sir Alec Jeffreys

frankly I don't like this diary. Any country has it plusses and minuses. And the Anglo-SAxons are not worse than others

and I am French and proud of it...

and what has Africa done to you ?

by oldfrog on Sun Jan 21st, 2007 at 06:57:58 AM EST

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