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Maybe it will be good to try to brainstorm about ways in which we can help.

Certainly, knowing about the issue is the first step. Then talking about it. Civil society is exactly that - being proactive and searching for ways to deal with problems. But how much can we, as individual citizens, do? I wonder, for example, to what extent a mayor in a city may be interested in hearing about the case.

And what about the EU and its voice on the international scene? Certainly, it is never easy for the EU to come up with a single voice in politics since it consists of many member states with diverging opinions and interests. This becomes even more so in cases when something more than a "resolution" or a "declaration" is needed. But when the issue at stake is human rights of EU citizens.. Though when the issue is far away from home, it is rarely in the spotlight.. Then maybe "an interest link" is needed..

-- Fighting my own apathy..

by Naneva (mnaneva at gmail dot com) on Sun Jan 21st, 2007 at 05:34:31 PM EST

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