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Not that with that system, the freight trains do not have to make way for the passenger trains, given that the main passenger line is not used by the freight trains at all, and the passenger line can effectively use nearly stretch of the freight line as a passing loop, with the single line and passing loop system ensuring that individual stretches of the freight lines are vacated for long periods of time.

This doesn't make any sense to me. How is two single-track lines more capacity than one double-track one?

the main focus of medium high speed rail should be to duplicate the route of very high speed rail

Not dublicate. The VHR has less frequent stops, its new line is built much straighter, and away from smaller cities where it doesn't stop. Say, you build a VHR with stops in Philadephia, Harrisburg and Pittsburg, and upgrade the old Pennsy mainline with some cutoffs and tunnels, to run MHS with further stops in Merion, Coatesville, Lancaster, Lewistown, Johnstown and Greensburg.

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