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"I don't think the issue is with technology. In the days of feudalism the wealthy owned the land, but didn't have any better technology available to them then the peasants."

The wealthy did have superior technology: swords, armor, horse gear, and trained horses. These were extremely expensive and could be used effectively only by well-trained elites: knights. This technology was, of course, directly useful for maintaining power.

A major force in the destruction of this power structure was the gun: A simple gun need not be much more complex than a metal tube attached to a piece of wood, and learning to load, point, and fire took relatively little training. This radically devalued the older military technology. In Japan, of course, highly trained samurai kept a grip on power  by suppressing gun technology.

Regarding the view of guns expressed in the diary, one shouldn't regard the use of an effective technology by a power elite as evidence that the best alternative would help equalise power.

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by technopolitical on Fri Jan 26th, 2007 at 10:18:31 PM EST
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