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I was nodding my way through your list 'till I came to this one.

Knowledge Store

the web:


Libraries operate differently to the web, I think.  I prefer your web/newspaper (or journals etc.) suggestion.  Any reason in particular why you chose libraries?  (Free to use, nowadays I can choose books--unless the issue is "the book" in and of itself...?--anyways, I can choose books from around the country.  Libraries also have the web in them--also free to use, so I'm not sure they act...what's the word...not opposition...hmmm...in contradistinction?)

I suppose you could argue that libraries are buildings and we have to get to them, while the web is a bunch of servers (small storage space=cheap...etc...), but in fact I think I would have put it like this:


Book stores

Well, I mean that's what comes to mind right now.

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