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Maybe you are of the opinion that efficiency improvements and reduced demand are working somewhere on the planet?

When exactly do you propose for these magical events to occur?

Where do you expect them to occur?   Let me guess...

...in Germany.

It does not happen that nuclear energy is in a position right now to cover all of the demand for energy by either first world or third world countries.   However there is nothing else that is even close.

You may think that I am speaking in code words for rich people living in luxury, but I am not doing so at all.   On the other hand, I am not asking the citizens of Chad or Cameroon to "conserve" their way out of this matter.   They live on less continuous power than you and I are using to light our monitors.

Later I will post a diary entry here about Cameroon and its energy profile, which is connected with the destruction of some of the most important forests on earth.   When I am speaking in pro-nuclear terms, it is exactly these people I am speaking about and not the Greenpeace Coffee Klatch in Hamburg.

If you add the words "affordable for all citizens of the planet" the pro-nuclear case becomes far more obvious, and frankly it's irrefutable already.

Happily Nigeria and Vietnam are two third world nations that have announced the intention to build nuclear power.   Right now two nations with vast underclasses, China and India - where people have not been living the high life until very recently - account for most of the nuclear construction in the world.

It seems like the first world has a big problem with other people trying to live like they do.  Platitudes about efficiency and conservation - and everyone likes both efficiency and conservation - are hardly realistic under the circumstances.

The Chinese, the Indians, the Cameroonians, the Nigerians, the Chadeans are all real people and they matter just as much as you and I do.

The real environmental crisis is Malthusian.   We may choose to exterminate the mass of humanity through the agency of wholesale catastrophe or through the use of reasonably safe options like the increased use of nuclear power.

by NNadir on Mon Jan 8th, 2007 at 09:12:20 PM EST
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