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that site ishift has some good stuff on it...

f'rexample http://www.shiftinaction.com/discover/transcripts/john_hagelin/intention_downloads

i especially liked this

...that the field has its own intention?
JH: That's a very good point. It's a subtle point; we could almost say that, the field you could almost say has some specificity about it because it's always good, good, good, good.  And even at the dawning of peace, increasing peace in the world surrounding these meditating groups, lack of crime in society, reduction of violence, war deaths, terrorism, all that you could say is the influence of pure positivity, reduced negativity, reduced stress, reduced hostility, but in some respects there is some quality to this field, just like, even though this field is the source of everything, source of good and source of evil, it's nature is more good. It's like light, light, a candle is a source of light, it's also the source of darkness because without light there are no shadows, but the shadows don't have much substance, they're just the lack of light, evil doesn't have much substance, it's just the lack of good. So if you want to describe a candle you can say it's the source of darkness, but probably better to say it's the source of light, in that way the field of being is the source of good, pure life, not the source of death, even though it is, because without life there is no death, but what we're enlivening is the life, the light, and that's the sort of thing we see, goodness everywhere.

and this:

...if anyone in their program for self development isn't very efficiently experiencing this field of pure unbounded awareness, bliss consciousness, you might consider doing something that is more effective in at least one respect, there are lots of ways to develop the mind, there are lots of ways to develop the body, you can do muscle training to develop your upper body, you can do aerobics to develop your cardio-vascular health, and they're all good, but if there was one thing that I'd like to see people do is to turn up the rheostat of consciousness, turn up the dimmer switch that determines how much life we've got, how much intelligence, how much creativity, how much good fortune, how much support of nature, how powerful is our intention, and for that, I think, you have to really contact, and enliven the field of being, so something that will take the mind to the transcendental level beyond thought, to experience being, that will strengthen anything you do, and whatever techniques you also do, do something that gives the experience of transcendental pure universal consciousness.

i can see how to a rational materialist, this comes across as new age gobbleygook.

does it take courage and honesty (to admit there is much more to knowledge than is presently comprehensible), or naivete and 'magical', 'wishful' thinking to surrender resistance to the possibility of this being true?

and if we are skeptical, are we willing to look hard at the source of the skepticism, (skepsis?)?

did it birth wholeheaded from our own fear of change, did we inherit it from listening to respected elders poo-pooing what they were not equipped to understand, or is there a 'cool factor' in being a 'hard nut to crack', a hero for the cause of quantifiable, double-blind  methodology?

what exactly is 'lost' by believing?

control? of what?

surrender and defeat are not synonyms. tibet is a good example.

science and mysticism are not mutually inimical, imo, they're two horns of the same dilemma.

thanks metavision, ya did good

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

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