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We have natural gas heating. We live in a building which was built in 1580 and is not very well insulated. Some of our windows have been redone and are double glass, but we have a single glass window facing north. We usually put a thick felt curtain there in the winter to try to prevent all the heat escaping.

At first we had some trouble getting used to the heating system and lower indoor temperatures. In Finland we had central heating and a very well insulated home (you kind of have to in Finland anyway) and our room temperature was usually about 23-25, even in winter. Here we are trying to keep it at about 20 when we are home and 14 during daytime when we're at work/school.

We've so far had to put the heater on a couple of times. When it's windy and chilly out, the apartment really cools fast. Last year we managed til November without heating, but this has been a much cooler autumn.

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by tzt (tzt) on Wed Oct 17th, 2007 at 05:27:32 PM EST

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