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Home: Gas Central Heating and doubble glasing - new government funded insulation in loft, but outside wall insulation probably non-existant, as we live in a 70ies flat-roof extention to a 1900century cottage.
We don;t have a thermometer, and the wife wants it warmer anyway. I try to keep it at around 18oC to 20oC in the rooms we use, colder in the bedroom, and off in the room we don;t use. Installed thermostats on all the radiators, when we moved in, so they can be individually switched off.
Germany. The flats I used to have in East Germany would have a "Berliner" something like that.
You fire it up in the morning for an hour, cut off the air flow and have a warm flat for the whole day. Double glasing on the windows, where two seperate single glased windows, which always seem to make sense to me.
MoL: 12century building - unheatable. Oil central heating and two nice fireplaces with coal and wood, that are needed not just for show, but also when we run out of oil and the next delivery is not till February...
by PeWi on Thu Oct 18th, 2007 at 10:25:58 AM EST

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