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About my current workplace in a separate comment. Heating there is a totally insane affair.

When we moved in nearly two years ago, the rooms were renovated, and though the thin walls weren't insulated, the windows were replaced (with standard double-glazing). But the heating system wasn't. It is a central heating, with old radiators without thermostats. A guy belonging to an entirely different branch on a floor below us is responsible for firing it up, which he often does an hour after people arrive, so first we freeze. But then the water in the (thick) pipes is so hot that even opening the radiators to a minimum is more than enough, everyone plays the same game: leave it open in the morning, fifteeen minutes after heat-up close it and open the windows, then start over an hour later... (To boot, my neighbor's radiator is stuck in the minimum state and just can't be turned off.)

So this is a complete waste of energy. But things will remain the same for a long time, because lack of funds leads to insane ways of 'saving': no permission to invest, so the company throws out much more money on the long run on energy...

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by DoDo on Thu Oct 18th, 2007 at 01:55:13 PM EST
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