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Tomatoes (var.) need specific amounts of hours of sunlight before they flower and fruit; the different varieties vary ;-) so you need to match your particular micro-climate.  

Other veggies have their own requirements and there are varieties that will certainly do well no matter where one lives.  The easiest way to discover which one(s) do best is to toddle on off to the local gardening club and start asking.  In my experience this not only assures you of more information than you care to know finding the right seeds but also a source for the right seeds.

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by ATinNM on Tue Oct 23rd, 2007 at 10:11:59 PM EST
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Thanks ATinNM (and Coleman)
I was not involved in the Tomatoes, my gardening is of the slash and burn, rip and fell variety.

We had the plants indoors in a southfacing room on the windowsill, so they certainly had enough light, but as I was not really tending them, I cannot really comment on them either. I just know, they died (we had put them outside, after they had flowered, but we were also on holidays before we put them out, so that might have contributet (they looked rather sad on our return...)
Next year will be different...

by PeWi on Wed Oct 24th, 2007 at 06:15:12 AM EST
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