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I tried macro for awhile in the late 60s - George Ohsawa, was it?  San pa ku - or something like that - was his description of the result of the normal Western lifestyle. I had a similar reaction to yours in the sense of the "transparency" feeling, but I decided that it was primarily a kind of macro-cultural psychosomatic thing, combined with the biological/physical reaction to the diet change of avoiding meat-based protein - how Western of me.

Having said that, it was still an important stage for me in terms of modifying my meat-and-potatoes appetite and controlling my meal portions. And I still love short-grain brown rice. We don't use a wok nowadays, but we still saute our veggies in a rinsed-not-scrubbed cast-iron pan - but in olive oil.

Speaking of olive oil, your information says that you're from Italy. My wife was born in the Istria section of Croatia, and her family were refugees near Milano in the 50s. Her father was a Tito partisan in WWII, but, after the war, the party wanted him to go to Russia for training. He refused, so they were ostracized somewhat and left Yugoslavia.

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macrobiotics helped me a lot, especially when i learned to take the principle and use it locally, rather than try to imitate a japanese monk's diet, lol...

it has its share of truly nutty adherents, which can of course be off-putting, including its founder, georges ohsawa!

but as he himself said: 'never trust any advice till you see how well it works for you in your life'.

their diet jives perfectly with the concepts of protein combination laid out by frances moore lappe in 'diet for a small planet', another great influence on my choice to try a different dietary approach to reclaiming my health.

it worked much better than i ever dreamed.

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