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and often mock the absurd screeches of doom that frequently circulate through the press. I have good reason for some - it is hearsay and speculation backed up all too often by zero amount of testable evidence. Comparisons to acid rain and dying forests, the ozone hole and so on are apt in that regard.

There is, however, one looming big difference.

Acid rain was addressed (although far from actually being solved).

The ozone hole was addressed and seems today to be stabilising.

The GHG, which at minimum intensify global warming and at maximum drive the whole process, are still not properly addressed, and total GHG concentration is still ramping up and accelerating. The doom scenarios ramp up accordingly.

It's chaos theory - and the longer the earth is exposed to it, the more erratic it can get - I do think that.

by Nomad on Fri Oct 26th, 2007 at 05:56:50 AM EST
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