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"I'll be generous and assume this is just an effect of his contrarian personality."

I had not noticed this.

When I heard Mr Buckee  speak I was surprised to have him mention Peak Oil and that he had just come via a APSO meet.

Here is a link to a conference paper he gave

excert from the pdf:

Industry fights declines every day
No opposite of a train wreck
Resource nationalism is rampant

Not wanting to sound to much of a marketista for the company I am working for, but or him Peak Oil is the only reason, Talisman works and can prosper. Only the higher oil costs justify the enourmous investments needed, and in his opinion Talisman is one of the market leader on squeezing out the last drops off oil fields. ...

Because there is Peak Oil and its consequences, Talisman makes money.

by PeWi on Wed Oct 17th, 2007 at 12:01:35 PM EST
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