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One aspect of the LLP which I think has not been fully understood, and which applies to ET-type efforts, is that it allows many different legal structures to work together in a way that has not been possible before. So individuals, limited companies, cooperatives, societies, housing associations, parliamentary parties, member web sites, even Boy Scouts groups, can join together in common endeavours as allowed by the individual rules of their incorporation, society, club or whatever.

Of course, each could be contracted to the other in a series of bilateral agreements, but only the LLP allows them to have a single bond that connects them all.

It is my opinion that the broad political influence to which ET aspires requires a lot more than LTEs, and it requires a lot of different skills. Planning, drafting, promoting, spreading, fund-raising, motivating and so on. It also needs different kinds of organization in cooperation to carry out the various tasks involved in turning talk into action.

ET is very good at what it does - dissecting, planning and drafting. And I believe that that role should not be changed. Adding on promotion, spreading, and fund-raising to ET would change it - most likely for the worst. However I see no reason why ET should not be part of a network of different skills who are driven by the same desire for change.

I am not even sure that this grouping of like minds needs a promoted public name ie the name of the LLP. It is more important IMO to expand the skill base than promote a brand. It is also more important to those connected into the network that they are connected, than it is to have a public display of power. It is more of an inward bond than an outward brand.

I've changed my views somewhat over the course of this discussion...

You can't be me, I'm taken

by Sven Triloqvist on Tue Nov 13th, 2007 at 05:21:26 PM EST
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