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I am not sure if you are taking this serious. If you are, believe me, don't. This machine is a complicated version of the old idea of putting a windmill on your car to charge the batteries that power the engine that drives the car so there is wind for the windmill. It would work in a perfectly frictionless environment, but in such an environment you wouldn't need propulsion for movement anyway (think satellites).

Even as such a system would not allow fuelless motion, it might be very efficient. Jet aircraft go through the trouble of climbing to and flying at 12 kilometers ( and regaining part of that gravity energy on the way down), because flight is more efficient up there. Gliders can fly almost for free by extracting energy from thermal rising winds. Blimps require little power because they can fly slow (not because they use no power to stay afloat). Possibly the Hunt aircraft would open such an 'effiency niche', even if it is not really a fuelless aircraft.

But their website never mentions how this would happen, and more specifically how their aircraft is going to do this better than existing gliders, blimps and autogyros  from whch they borrow elements. This suggests to me that they are either frauds or clueless.


by GreatZamfir on Tue Nov 20th, 2007 at 06:06:14 AM EST
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