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  1.  Thank you for the photos. We can so easily get caught in caricatures and, as per your suggestion, taking time to regard something like this can challenge caricatures.

  2.  "Carpet bombing" is an entirely inappropriate term for what happened in 2001.  Without getting into your clear objection to what was, to me, a clearly justified action (Which, of course, could have been supported and continued far differently than occurred.), I would like to point you to (for example) the Wikipedia on "carpet bombing":

The phrase carpet bombing refers to the use of large numbers of unguided gravity bombs, often with a high proportion of incendiary bombs, to attempt the complete destruction of a target region, either to destroy personnel and materiel, or as a means of demoralizing the enemy (see terror bombing). The phrase probably is intended to invoke the image of bombs completely covering an area, in the same way that a carpet covers a floor.

This is not an accurate description (in technical terms) for what occurred in Afghanistan.

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