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Actually, even so, I would recommend the work of Human Rights Watch re bombing and collateral damage.

They document quite thoroughly the impact of US (and allied/coalition) bombing efforts at least from Desert Storm through Afghanistan.  

Bomblets are a very serious issue, but what is "thorough"?  

What is "indiscriminate"?

We are likely to speak past each other on this.

The US/Coalition operation in Afghanistan could (should) have been handled much better, especially in terms of taking a long-term approach that truly put creating a better foundation for a healthy society as core. (To me, the US/western world could have won significantly by seeking to make Afghanistan a 'model' of what a prosperous Islamic society, not based on oil (or opium), could be through a collaborative effort that sought to foster a stronger society. Obviously, far from what was purusued.)  Even with all its failures (and they are many, and many faceted), I find "indiscriminate", "widespread", stating that it is worse than what happened under the Soviets, etc to be wrong-headed.

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