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Great experience...!
While I understand the photovoltaic and the solar heating part, I'm not sure about what is called the "canadian well" (pipes underground using thermal mass equilibrium). This process needs quite a lot of those pipes as: Either the section is too important and it won't work, or they are small enough but you end very quickly to heat the ground around it, loosing most of it's effect...!
There is today some questioning on the biological part of having water staying still for some time in contact with air in pipes (what material? As PVC is usually banned). If the water flows regularly the linear length  of the pipes combo needed is then to big and not so interesting!

Some filters might be needed if you use that solar heated water for body use (shower, etc.) as it generates the perfect temperature for Legionella bacteria to evolve quickly !

Have you thought of a Stirling engine ? As if you have windy conditions, you can generate a mechanical movement that will get you either heat or cold... On the other side, with a solar dish focused on the head of the cylinder you can generate cold while still having a mechanical movement that could reload your batteries with a dynamo !

One point you haven't described is the change rate of air in the well insulated house ?
Most use now an air heat exchange system with the outgoing heated air loading in temperature the incoming air. The English call it the "thermal flywheel", as it is a double maze of thin steel sheets, quite easy to build or to get done. Filters are here also needed for particles, incoming as outgoing...

Some basic sketches might be interesting with the progress of your work :-)

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by margouillat (hemidactylus(dot)frenatus(at)wanadoo(dot)fr) on Mon Nov 26th, 2007 at 05:50:10 AM EST

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