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 I completely agree,  the "canadian well" (we call it here the "Provencal well" from Provence, South of France) works. The latest "Zenith" ( covered spectacle show theatre about 10 000 public when full) in Dijon by Philippe Chaix uses that technique. I believe it's the biggest volume to use it!

But then it's only for a few hours a day (and not every days) and uses air and not water for refreshing or pre-heating the volume.

When is your retirement ? :-) That related device sounds great !

Here (in France) we have regulations for air exchanges. Meaning getting new air in at about 200 m3/h (cubic meters per hour) for a 85 square meter flat (T4- about 212 m3), so it's the full volume of the housing per hour at peak time (kitchen while preparing food and shower and toilets times).-, half of it at night...
In fact, few flats achieve that, even less house ! The electrical fans that pulls air fro toilets and kitchens are often undersized, make too much noise and break down after a few years ad are seldom replaced!!!

In cities like Paris, we believe that air is more polluted inside the flats the outside in the traffic...! Most glues used in buildings or furniture can be formaldehyde based, plus several other household products can have drastic effects on our biology, specially nowadays when there are many more young with deep allergies. So the general idea is to get air moving... Without loosing the kW's :-)

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