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Migeru, I think this would not affect you. As far as I know this is only for asylum seekers. It seems every canton has to take in a certain amount of asylum seekers, so that not a few places like Zürich or Geneva end up having to deal with all of them.

It is usually the community that handles the process of integrating them. They organize and pay for language courses, they pay at the beginning for the living expenses, they help with finding work and if they do not earn enough money they are supported from that community.

I have two friends who were asylum seekers, it was frustrating for them - because it takes approx. 4-5 years to get a B-permission, which allows them to move freely all over Switzerland. However, one of them has now his own company and the other a good job. They are well integrated, speak German and understand Swiss German and they always had the financial support. No Asylum seeker ends up on the street with no roof over the head or no food, like we read the other day about the UK.

It seems to be a very burocratic system, and probably more could be done to make it more human, but some of the problems might stem from the cantons and communities being responsible for the integration process and not the federal state.

I think if you would move to Geneva for a company the will apply for you for a B-permission, so that should be no problem.

by Fran on Fri Nov 9th, 2007 at 01:27:47 AM EST
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