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I live in Geneva! It's, um, nice?? I don't leave my apartment much, other than to go snowboarding, so don't really know all that much about the city. People here do speak French, so occasionally I have to pretend to do so as well, but the amount of French required to get around is not much.

People are generally friendly, though on occasion I've had my hair pulled to see if it attached to my head. Will probably not be a problem unless yours is pink too, however. (And this happened in Paris as well, so it is not a unique Geneva phenomena.)

Getting an apartment is a bit of a pain! They have this 'nice' system whereby one visit some apartment, then go to the regi and fill out paperwork to apply for it, applications are gathered, and one gets it or not. It can take some time and several applications. There is a clause in the papers one signs to apply that says that if it is offered but declined one must pay CHF200. I did decline a few (got several offers) but did not have to pay, so I don't know under what circumstances this really happens.

I will echo those saying that it should be no problem teaching yoga in English. Many, many foreigners, and most people further have the attitude that language problems can be dealt with, no real need to understand each other, some how it all works out.

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