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Many thanks to all of you for your input... you've confirmed some of my fears but it's not all bad. I guess London was not the easiest place to adjust to either, so we'd have a bit of practice. The main question, shall Miguel actually get a job offer there, will be whether I can work there (be employed, not only self-employed) or not.

I am lured by the nature and the cleanliness, and when thinking about how much people mindlessly litter in London, I kind of don't blame the Swiss for being so militant when it comes to punishment for littering (although the envelope story was a bit too much!!!). I do worry about their other attitudes. Fran, yes, learning French would be good for the brain, definitely, it would be nice to get another language under the belt (and actually experience what it's like learning it when one's out of college ;) and not a kid anymore).

I'd like to try those 40 mile bike trips... but as a commute I think it's better suited for Miguel -- he leaves me in a cloud of dust when we bike together.

Again, thanks a bunch, I read all this with great interest and I'm happy to have such a community at my fingertips :).

Wishing all of you a lovely Sunday...

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by Barbara on Sat Nov 10th, 2007 at 12:49:44 PM EST

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