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Certainly, NATO never did anything to protect the Serb minority against Albanian mobs. See for yourself how the NATO "peace force"... effectively enforces the peace: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Pg-bYIqgaE
NATO won't do anything to antagonize the Albanians - who surround Bondsteel, a camp with infrastructure built to last 100 years (this is no boy scout presence - it's there to stay for the long term).
I disagree with Upstate NY's suggestion that the EU is the main culprit behind the chaos in the Balkans.
An example of cynical US "peacebuilding" involvement: remember February 23 1992, in Lisbon, when Izetbegovic signed, along with Croat and Serb leaders, a European-brokered agreement creating a confederal structure for the three Bosnian ethnic groups. A few days later, influenced by an encouraging conversation with Warren Zimmermann, the United States ambassador, he changed his mind, leaving the possibilities of Lisbon accord a matter of speculation forever after. This laid the foundation for the war.
The same American manipulation is at work in Kosovo; Bush W guaranteed independence to the Albanians in Kosovo years ago. Why on earth would the Albanians negotiate anything less. Why would they negotiate at all?
Come to think of ot, interesting how there's a US military presence in every drug hub on earth - from Columbia to Panama to Kosovo to Afghanistan... Could that be a coincidence?
by vladimir on Mon Dec 10th, 2007 at 03:41:24 PM EST
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