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You are correct to point out that there seems to be a contradiction.
However, you need to bear in mind that the Russians didn't drop 10 tons of depleted uranium on Serbia, nor did they destroy all 3 bridges in Novi Sad (of absolutely NO military significance), nor did they grind to rubble the petrochemical complex in Panchevo, causing an unprecedented rise in cancer rates... Let me say it again: The Eur 50 Billion of damage was not inflicted on Serbia by the Russians. The Russians are NOT trying to rip 20% of Serbia's land mass off the map and give it to a KLA drug dealing gang in return for the largest military base in Europe.
So really, if you were Serb, whom would you turn to? Depleted Uranium or Uncle Putin ?
by vladimir on Mon Dec 10th, 2007 at 01:39:05 PM EST
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