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Serb bashing? Helen starts off with her acknowledgemets about the nazi influences and anti-semitism under Tudjman, who also was targeted by the ICTY, but as Milosovic, escaped justice by dying.

You also haven't touched my recent question. Where are your modern numbers that the Srebrenica mass graves total some 1500 bodies?

I find your accusations that the ICTY would be a "kangaroo court", your consistent harping on the crimes that others did rather tiresome and unnecessary. Throughout my readings on the Yugoslavian War I've hacked my way through the press images that were dominating my memories on the war. I think I'm aware enough to know that there were no angels on any side and everyone is to blame. Can you stop now with your litany how bad others were?

You are Serbian are you not? If you defy modern numbers, if you consistently point out how bad others are, you will get the argument of Serbian war crimes back, over and over again. Don't make it so hard on yourself.

And why the endless list of historic apologies? Why did you leave out Mesić apology? Or the nationalistic backlash when Tadić apologised? You're starting to become an example of Westerman's conclusion.

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Yet: because he's become entangled in the web of his own history, he's become powerless to look ahead neutrally. That's his tragedy. The Balkan-man marches with his back first into the future.
by Nomad (Bjinse) on Wed Dec 12th, 2007 at 07:30:15 AM EST
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