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I'm actually French. I live in Paris and work in the field of banking technology. I have a very international background - which explains my interest in foreign affairs. Lived in the US for 8 years, Belgium for 2 years (working for DG1), Zambia 4 years, Zimbabwe 2 years, South Africa 1 year and Yugoslavia 5 years. Rest was in France.

And you're British? Or are you American? I've met smart Americans and dumb Americans. Which one are you? What does it prove if I'm Serb??

I invite you to do a search on BBC - which, surprisingly, has not stooped so low as to lie about dead bodies. You will see that the BBC is very cautious when it gives body counts.

Latest BBC story on Srebrenica:
Quote: "Serbs killed thousands of Muslim men and boys" - no more mention of 14K, 8K, 7K, ... 2K?

Here's another one on BBC:
Quote: "Thousands of bodies have been recovered from mass graves around Srebrenica over the past few years".
Do you really think that the BBC would have omitted printing the figure 8K if there had been 8K bodies? or 7K? 6K? 5K? 4K? So how many K does that make?

Then there's the fantastic Sunday Times piece I mentioned (Nov. 3, 1996 by Jon Swain)

I could keep searching... but then so can you. Apart from different sources on the Internet, I wasn't in Srebrenica, I didn't sleep with Mladic and I didn't count the dead bodies. So my numbers could be wrong. Where's your truth from?

Why is my harping tiresome and unnecessary? We've had constant deafening harping about Serb crimes on all Western media for 20 years now. Is that unnecessary? Is it tiresome? To you, probably not.

How on earth do you imagine discussing political developments in Kosovo, Bosnia and the Balkans without discussing relations, wars and suffering among Moslems, Christians, Serbs, Croats and Albanians over the past 20 years? World War 2 was an obsession in France and French politics for 20 years after 1945 - that's one of the reasons why the Communists had such enormous political and popular clout at the time. What do you suggest - that everyone just accept the standard propaganda without questioning, without offering the other side's story?

by vladimir on Wed Dec 12th, 2007 at 08:35:33 AM EST
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