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Gendercide Watch: The Srebrenica Massacre
Extensive forensic investigations of the Srebrenica massacre sites has so far turned up some 3,000 bodies. Only a few have been successfully identified. They are held at a combined memorial and mortuary in Tuzla

The red cross lists 7,079 missing from Srebrenica, although  they acknowledge that that number could be an underestimate as they only take reports of missing people from family members. if an entire family has been killed they do not include them

Srebrenicas missing form 38% of the entire number missing from the entire war. and I know people who were there and did have the job of digging up mass graves and recovering the remains. The idea that we're part of a western anti-Serb campaign is frankly insulting, If you look back over past postings here you'll see that we have been as forcefull in condemning and calling for the prosecution of people involved in the Iraq campaigns.

Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out.

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