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Fourth, how are you supposed to opress anyones human rights with a fighter bomber? If the French were selling machetes, tear gas or torture manuals, there might be reasons for worry and complaint.

Will this do as an example?

Chapter : Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem

Falsehood #4: Israeli Intelligence is able to pin-point so-called "terrorist bases" as targets for air strikes.

The truth: The communiques of the Israeli Air Force itself mostly claim that air strikes were against merely "suspected" terrorist sites. This is as absurd as bombing a town or village because someone who may have committed an act of violence might be living somewhere in the town or village.

Falsehood # 5: Israeli air strikes are only "retaliatory" actions because of terrorist acts.

The truth: Most Israeli air strikes have been unrelated to armed action by Palestinians, but have been designed solely to "make life unbearable" for the Palestinian civilian population. In cases where air strikes followed an armed Palestinian action, the Israeli Air Force's targets were civilian population centers with no relationship to the men involved in the action for which the "retaliation" allegedly took place.

Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out.
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