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and chemical-war open-air field-testing?  

(If so see link here.)

The powers behind the US government certainly have a plan, but quite obviously they do NOT intend to talk about their developing an option to take global population reduction into their own hands.

(Yes, mass-murder, a.k.a. genocide.  What ELSE would such a plan be?)  

But the rest of us?  

If you were serious about population reduction you would put the decision-making about population, specifically about decisions about childbearing and childrearing and about matters impinging on childbearing and childrearing into the hands of women.  Collectively and individually.

When women make these decisions, overpopulation does not happen.  Equally obviously, women do not make these decisions in any of the world's major societies.  

And if you wish to reduce population through die-off, it is better let nature make the choices, and not try to manipulate the outcome to your own benefit.  That latter is a zero-sum game that results in MORE population.  

The Fates are kind.

by Gaianne on Fri Dec 14th, 2007 at 08:52:09 PM EST

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