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You're making wild leaps in logic about CIA research and planning. These people are paid to project scenarios. That's their job.

I WROTE: "You write that the US was against recognition even while Germany was training KLA guerillas."

YOU WROTE: "No I don't. I say that the public posturing of the US was against recognition in 89-90-91 and I give a number of reasons for this (see my previous posts)."

A. In your earlier sentence you stated that US policy was contradictory because the US refused recognition while Germany was training the KLA. You did write this.

B. I see absolutely no reasons explaining why the US refused recognition when in reality it wanted to recognize Slovenia and Croatia.

"Don't buy that. George H. W. Bush (Senior), president of the US from 1988-1992 proclaimed on numerous occasions during his tenure that Germany was America's strategic partner. You don't make that kind of statement if you've got a serious foreign policy disagreement with your "strategic partner"."

Hmmm, America and Germany are strategic partners therefore they never disagree.


by Upstate NY on Sun Dec 16th, 2007 at 08:28:12 PM EST
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