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What will the future of this company be and will your wife be there when it happens?

Cheaper labor and outsourcing is the trend all over. Not so long ago 1,000 some odd jobs left a small Swedish town when Electrolux left. They had just had a big architectural competition trying to impress with these big grand ideas including people migrating to this little place- so they wanted development, alot of it, and housing, maybe 1,000k more units.

Perhaps it was sort of daring, but we predicted that this company was going to leave, and to start any development was a joke. We instead asked them to focus on the city center, to keep money there.

During the waiting period between submittal and decision, they left. Guess it's about time that I check on them, I haven't looked back.

At any rate, this is probably the going rate, there was even a recent decision by the EU court that unions can not block cheaper labor from other countries to work for less- this undermines Swedish labor. Hopefully an appeal will be in their favor, otherwise, it'll be sad.

by borkitekt on Fri Dec 28th, 2007 at 04:32:23 PM EST

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