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Afghanistan is already pretty close to a tinder box, if it's not already there, and al-Qaeda's attention to Iraq is a losing cause, anyway.  It's the only group in Iraq with significantly lower approval ratings than the Americans.

Where is the West going to get the manpower to go grab the weapons?  And that also works with one of two assumptions: (1) that the Pakistani military is simply going to allow them to do this, or (2) that the western powers are simply going to do away with the Pakistani military -- again, with what manpower? -- in order to get at the weapons.  Neither of these options seems incredibly likely, especially if there is the possibility you noted of India moving.  (India might like to do this, but I don't see it happening.)

Be nice to America. Or we'll bring democracy to your country.

by Drew J Jones (pedobear@pennstatefootball.com) on Thu Dec 27th, 2007 at 10:18:20 AM EST
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