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BBC mentioned the death of two of her brothers, but she had him killed?

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Bhutto campaigned as an independent in the 1993 elections, winning a seat in the assembly governing the Sindh province[1]. In 1995 he led a schism of the ruling Pakistan People's Party[1].

In 1996, he accused police of unfairly targeting his organization and denied playing any part in bombings in Karachi[1] that year. On 20th September 1996, he was shot and killed along with six supporters during an altercation with the police[1]. The police stated that Murtaza and his supporters had refused to allow police to search their vehicles as part of security measures imposed since the bombings, and that they were fired upon first[1]. The assassination took place in the posh locality of Clifton, Karachi. According to area residents the gunfire continued unabated for hours.

Benazir Bhutto was the prime minister of Pakistan at the time of Murtaza Bhutto's killing. The brother and sister were estranged at the time and were political opponents. To date the assasination of Murtaza Bhutto remains an unsolved case.

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Yeah, I don't know enough about that to make a judgment, but that's what his family claims.  

I found this 1996 news story to make rather surreal reading in light of the current situation....

Opposition leader Nawaz Sharif, in a speech in parliament, accused the government of "state terrorism" against its political opponents. Leaders of the Lahore High Court Bar Association in Punjab were quoted as describing Murtaza Bhutto's killing as a murder.

Murtaza's killing "is part of a conspiracy to make Pakistan a police state and crush democratic freedom," said Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Pakistan's fundamentalist party leader.

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