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for 60 years to pay themselves, off.

I have no idea who Steve Thomas is, nor do I really care.   Many people are wrong about this subject.

According to the Tarjenne study, nuclear power is the most competitive choice for Sweden.

I note that the grand renewable future has been under discussion since the early 1970's and still has not produced 5 exajoules of primary energy on the entire planet as a whole.   So if long time periods are critical issues, we should immediately give up on renewable energy on the grounds that it is a failure.

The ground breaking on the EPR in Finland.

I don't know how addition and subtraction is done in Europe, but the plant was ordered in 2003, and thus if it comes on line in 2010, that will be 7 years and not 13.

Each subsequent reactor may take far less time as procedures are streamlined.

Finally this plant is subject to FOAKE (First of a Kind Engineering) delays.   These are hardly catastrophic, certainly not as catastrophic as the German failure to address the growth in their energy consumption by posturing mindlessly about wind and solar power.

by NNadir on Sat Feb 24th, 2007 at 06:00:40 PM EST
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