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They are recorded... :-)
The Altiplano, next to Titicaca lake is considered (rightly or wrongly, I can't say) as the origin point of the Tihuanaco culture.

Then, Manco Capac and Mama Occlo, Vircocha's offsprings will begin the Inca's civilization. That Mesoamerican building culture will go further north to Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia, as east to the Amazon basin (now Brazil) !
The original Mesoamerican City would have been a bit more of the Egyptian model ( quite unique in middle-east) where political and religious power would have been de-centralized in several cities (instead of a "state city"). The city of the dead or it's religious counterparts being built with stone while the still half nomadic population in wood (i.e. organic) buildings.

What's left is mostly pyramids in each case :-)

Housing, wasn't in history the first need of the City, it often came with troubled times of war when people lived behind the "great walls"... And stayed! Most farmers would live in his farm but have a symbolic representation in the "Palace".
Even later, as in India's Fatehpur Sikri most of the "common" people lived in organic or non glazed houses. Here, as in Mesoamerica, there was a water problem  (in the original design) and the city was left to nature...!

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