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You're mixing up two different issues, both of them important: the end of the Nation-States and the confrontation between secular democracy and faith-based political movements.

First, the end of the Nation-State era. Nation-States were institutionalised by the treaty of Westphalia in 1648. In a way, they created a framework guaranteeing a greater political and social stability/cohesion, hence allowing the development of the economy and the industrial revolution. The Nation-State model is no longer the relevant level for the regulation/governance of the globalised economy and for tackling global problems such as pandemies and global warming. The deepening of inequalities within the countries is a sign of its obsolescence. The current trend is the emergence of continental blocks (EU, Mercosur...) and, paradoxically, the empowerment of the local level (big cities and regions).  I agree with you on one point: the United States look like the last attempt to "save" the Nation-State model.

Your second issue is not clearly expressed. Islam is not the only religion based on submission to God. For most of its history, Christianity also promoted the submission to God and its representatives on Earth (some of them still dream of re-establishing it).  It is not a fight between the United States and Islam, but a fight between secular democracy and faith-based political radical movements.

"Dieu se rit des hommes qui se plaignent des conséquences alors qu'ils en chérissent les causes" Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet

by Melanchthon on Fri Mar 2nd, 2007 at 07:45:32 AM EST

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