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He appears completely open with Fichtelius, whom he apparently trusted immensely. Fichtelius was by the way scandalised in 2002 (?) when it was revealed that this documentary was in the making and Fichtelius was head of the election coverage team at svt (public service tv). He was kicked sideways to some other job withtin the same house.

Anyway, through this documentary Persson gets a last minute in the spotlight before disappearing from the public stage. My impression is that the documentary confirms my impression of someone extremely self-centered. One episode to illustrate: Persson has put his minister of finance up as the fall-guy for some unpopular decision and then when it turned up to be really impopular withdrawn the proposition by blaming the minister of finance. That is all old news that was covered at the time. What is new is that Persson view his minister's resignation as an attack on himself.

I see "people resign to hurt me" as a bit self-centered, though not as baad as "people kill themselves to hurt us" which was heard from some american official after a suicide-attempt at Guantanamo.

And it sure is interesting to get this inside perspective. Generally I must say the whole political world is worse then I imagined it (and I thought I was cynical).

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by A swedish kind of death on Tue Mar 20th, 2007 at 05:18:12 PM EST
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