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das monde, this was great.  if your friend doesn't make it in the financial world, he should become the next robert ludlum, or whomever, and focus on business rather than spying--bring in sex and power and success,,,,I think it could be a great novel.  and I love his/her writing.

but just in my own humble experience and opinion, I'm not at all bothered by your friends experience.  he/she sounds like a very well educated, hard driving kind of person, that has chosen a very competive track--and can make tons of money,,,IF he can produce.  If he can't he's toast.  To some extent I've been on that track, and have many friends that are as well.  but it's his, your, my choice.

I also have brilliant friends that have said they don't want that track.  some are poets, artists, professors, and priests.  we all have choices,,,,admittedly some start with a silver spoon and maybe have better choices,,,but that's another story.

i'm personally am not upset about people making tons of money (nor going into a monastery).  What I am really upset about is cheating,,,crooks.  Your friend just seems like you and I, figuring his way through life.  Cramer, if you believe what he said, is just a damn crook that should be locked up for a long period of time--and likely a drug addict on top of that.

by wchurchill on Thu Mar 22nd, 2007 at 12:26:33 AM EST
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had a white powder problem back in the day.  At least Cramer admits he's got feet of clay.  Kudlow is still a white shoed whore for the Republican party and Country Club conservatism.  Just don't look too closely at the shoes.

My guess is at the moment Cramer's high on adulation.  And he admits to being utterly amoral about making money.   He then claims to do the right thing with the money.  Sure.....

I can hardly watch that show because all the locker room boo-ya crap makes me puke.  He's selling hype in the same way as Carlton Sheets and the rest of the get rich quick hucksters.  It feels like I'm watching a boiler room time share operation with bells ringing to get the rats salivating.

by HiD on Thu Mar 22nd, 2007 at 05:44:18 AM EST
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