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However, merely doing a series of deals in order to make the market move doesn't strike me as illegal.  If I wish to sell more than the market will take at say 100, then the market isn't 100.  It's where ever the next bid shows up.  If I only have to sell 100 in order to drop the price on 1000 I am buying elsewhere off of the market quotes have I broken any laws?
Interesting comments, and I guess my comments simply show my perspective,,,from the viewpoint of running a company,,,or as a guy who invests with a longer term perspective, having run a company.  Perhaps I have a view of fairness that is not quite appropriate in this traders's market.  But I didn't run my company based on day to day stock prices, and I don't invest based upon day to day results.  So maybe I shouldn't be so pissed off with Cramer's comments.

But my gut reaction to that clip is rage, and feeling he is a total a'hole.  (Some of my financial friends have told me that the operating guys, like me, are naive.)

by wchurchill on Thu Mar 22nd, 2007 at 06:23:05 AM EST
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