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there are rules, and there are cheaters.  No reason not to be pissed off at cheaters.  the trick is catching them.  I got $10 bucks says Cramer knows the statute of limitations to the minute...

But if you are truly an investor, the price of XYZ corp gyrating around the line fundamentals would generate doesn't matter a whit.  This is just one set of aholes ripping off others.  In the meantime they provide liquidity you might need and narrow the trading spread.  

Now if you have money invested in a hedge fund and these dicks are spoofing their report cards to generate larger bonus payments than reality would give, you are being robbed.  But if you are a hedge fund investor, then you should know the people you are dealing with are probably dicks and factor that into your decision to invest money with them.  And this is why to get into a hedge fund you have to prove you are a sophisticated investor.

You can't cheat an honest man very easily.  Reaching for well above market returns is a sure sign of greed.  Risk/Reward.  there are no free lunches.

by HiD on Thu Mar 22nd, 2007 at 06:56:34 AM EST
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