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Ah,a topic close to my heart.
It occured to the wife and I that America doesn't sell what we are looking for.
I don't care about free ring tones for the cell phone I will never own.
I don't care to talk financial "strategy" with a twenty-something at the local Bank of America branch which is a converted gas station.
I don't need a second mortgage from "Bobs" mortgage company.
I don't do "half de-cafe-latte with a twist of....(Starbucks).  It warmed my heart to see the EU in fact did not embrace the American concept of brands, as this too is a hollow empty bucket, a marketing ploy devoid of any cultural recognition.
Yes, I saw the real Disney castle, it's in Bavaria and it's light years ahead of the plastic one in Orlando.
BTW, Orlando it seems has become a sort of Satanic capital of the world, metaphysically speaking.  Why?
Well, because I, the Lasthorseman, the one who wants the last horse ride before the Christian Biblical Apocalypse says so.
Disney it seems has taken the responsibilty of accepting fingerprints as ID for entrance to their "theme park".  That is support of the technology of the anti-christ.
Plus I found the real castle in it's original setting far more impressive.
by Lasthorseman on Sat Mar 24th, 2007 at 10:59:30 PM EST

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