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Very similar here, the walk to the shops (two large-ish supermarkets opposite each other, a national chain--part of the John Lewis co-op--and a local shop-made good, called "Taj"...doing so well they're opening another across town.

And yeah, the walk...though for me it's birds, not dogs.  Seagulls, pigeons, blackbirds, strange birds whose call I recognise but the feathered producer...I haven't seen...and people...people watching...

....and then there's the other supermarket, the "veggie" hippie co-op with local veg and localish (well, okay, european) organic fruit etc....not to mention the "corner shop" which has also gone "green", with organic this and that.  They also sell a lot of pre-cooked curries and rice.

...and we have the trees, but we also have the sea, various views at different moments.  Plus we have hills (the five hills), so I'm going up or down or along and across and the view changes.

My view on malls: A lot of the people in them don't look healthy; and a lot of them aren't very bright-eyed.  So for the unhealthy and the not-so-quick-about-their-wits it seems the mall is a safe and comforting (comfortable?) place to be.  Also, I suppose it makes a difference if your plan is to shop--having the shops together and out of the weather.  So, the other people in malls: those out to buy-buy-buy.  Lossa bags being carried round, and lossa people eating pre-prepared food...which is fine.  The quality of the food and shops doesn't really change if they're all moved into the high street.  Taj does samosas and suchlike....but one key point, as you say Matt, is that I live 10 minutes from the shops so they are more just "there" rather than special.  For someone coming from out of town, it's an experience, and the mall must have that sense of aggregation....also, they appeal to the younger members of the public; and if they have baby facilities, and suchlike, they can be easy for some parents...not like the hassle of shopping out on the street...if you have to travel, I mean.  If you can't walk out your door, turn the corner, and lo!  Shops!  (Which would reduce road traffic considerably--shops below, living space above--people walking...oh and of course, the mall is free from traffic fumes and noise...)

Don't fight forces, use them R. Buckminster Fuller.

by rg (leopold dot lepster at google mail dot com) on Sun Mar 25th, 2007 at 12:47:14 PM EST
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