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I see many wrote about open markets, I didn't mention them because it's for regular items. I also add that what annoys me most when in a mall is the noise level -- I'm not sure it is as bad in other cities than Budapest, but here the combined noise of loud music in every second story or café, the mall's own music in the hallways, the restaurants (reflected back and forth in the closed space), and of people trying to talk in this environment, is very loud. I suspect Budapest malls break national and EU rules for workers' noise exposure.

Meanwhile, since cars aren't banned in the inner city, and most of the prime inner-city shopping areas are alongside main roads, shopping there also goes with noise (plus air pollution). Still, while the appearance of malls put a strong dent in their business, many recuperated.

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by DoDo on Mon Mar 26th, 2007 at 04:32:23 AM EST
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