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But that is not quite accurate.  While there is always a diversity of opinion on future financial events,( afterall there had better beecause you can't have much of a market if everybody thinks the same thing--what would happen if everyone agreed that Johnson and Johnson was worth exactly $6 today.  who would buy and who would sell?), the major issue in American forecasting of home prices for the past year has been will there be a housing slowdown or will it turn into a housing crash?  Im sure there must have been someone saying not even a slowdown, but I don't recall them.  and even on this site that has been the issue,,,,at least in dialogues I have been involved in.

and in conjunction with that, the economy has been slowing for months, and that has been expected.  but once again there is a group that expects an outright recession, a smaller group that expects a depression, and probably the largest group that expects just a slowdown.

by wchurchill on Tue Mar 27th, 2007 at 01:32:18 PM EST
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