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Good luck, to the three of you actually!!

I'd say yes to party and also yes to party in a Medieval custom setting and yes to making Mig do some elaborate fencing on top of the table for all to behold. Oh well. One can dream. I learned in the USA that The Wedding should be the most revered moment in one's life - which I find ridiculous. Though it doesn't make sense either (to me anyway) to go completely the other way and huff yourself past it. But well. I still don't understand the purpose of weddings...

Your diary was a blessed read - and I concur with Sven, and have said this to you before! - your writing is superb. It's deliciously refreshing in between diaries on energy and gridlocking politics and all negative gloom.... This shines, it makes me smile, and it also grabs me by the throat - like this:

European Tribune - Comments - The True Purpose of Weddings

It reminded me of Dolly Parton's quote: "You don't know how much it costs to look so cheap." I thought of all the things in the world I'd rather have for that price than this Tiffany knock-off. For instance, our entire house furnished with the most beautiful antique Chinese furniture. Or a good chunk for a deposit for our own place. Or three top-notch courses for Pilates in the best schools in London, or a series of fantastic holidays all over the world. You could rebuild an entire friggin' village in Africa with this money if you wanted, and die in peace for having served mankind. And I wanted to cry, concluding the world was truly insane.  

That is so true, my heart turned over. Being here in South Africa has sobered up my feelings on the quality of life even further, which began crystallizing after my trip last summer to Sweden. I feel a diary starting to mellow.

And now I also need to write about diamonds - because your link is nice, but there's a lot more to add to the story of the Kimberley process, good and bad. It's not only PR, really. As a geologist, I'm not keen on diamond rings anyway. It's just carbon, swhat! Friends of mine (she being the geologist) of mine had rings made of fossilized wood - that I find truly appealing.

by Nomad (Bjinse) on Wed Mar 28th, 2007 at 03:21:21 AM EST
Hello Nomad,

You made me smile as well, thank you! :) If I keep getting comments like yours, I will definitely keep writing more!

I think you should definitely write a diary on diamonds. I read quite a few articles on them, and didn't include all the links because I thought it would make for a whole new story. So the floor is yours!

You should share your experience from South Africa with us. I'm sure there is a lot to tell. I'll be waiting. All best to you!

"If you cannot say what you have to say in twenty minutes, you should go away and write a book about it." Lord Brabazon

by Barbara on Wed Mar 28th, 2007 at 10:10:36 AM EST
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