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To a Christian, everything revolves around Christ's divinity.

To a Catholic, this might very well be true. I saw that while walking the Camino in Spain, at least one church had a statue of the Virgin Mary that was bigger than the statue of Christ. There, perhaps, everything might instead revolve around the Virgin Mary's divinity - but I digress...

Christianity has been called a series of separate religions; each based on the same book. While I am not a Christian, I am a member of a Christian church. It just plain is not true that for a Christian, everything revolves around Christ's divinity.

In the roughly 15 years I have been attending church I can not remember ever hearing any ministry on the divinity of Christ. I do know that there is no unity on such a topic, and that no one feels any need to have unity on such a topic. It just is not considered important - like heaven or hell - two other issues that have gone almost completely unmentioned. I recently attended a national business meeting. One of the purposes was to see just how a Jewish atheist would fit in. No problem. It was very similar to our local church. There were definitely Christ centred people there, but the divinity of Christ was not important to the functioning of the group as a whole. "Converting" people is not considered God's work at this time in Canada - though it was considered God's work in the past. (Well sort of - as conversion has perhaps never been a requirement for membership).

As for what do other Christians think of us - our parent body is a member of the World Council of Churches. (Admittedly we are so small that if we ever left we would be unable to re-join.)

To our church, everything revolves around doing God's work. There may be differences of opinion on what is God - or even the existence of God - let alone the divinity of Christ - but there is little disagreement on what is God's work. From the perspective of my church - are we to quibble over the nature of God and how many angels can dance on the head of a pin while there are people who are hungry, who do not have shelter, or are imprisoned?

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