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I don't really know, and as Maracatu said, I doubt anyone outside the ICU, Al Qaida, or the relevant intelligence agencies really knows for sure.

There have been claims that Al Qaida linked individuals were involved in the ICU, although in what capacity they were involved was either not said, or forgotten by me.  That may well be possible.  It seems probable that the ICU recieved money and support from a variety of international Islamic aid and support societies, most of which the US government views as either very suspicious, or as directly supportive of terrorism.

The thing is, even if Al Qaida was giving money to the ICU, it was money that was being spent in Somalia.  The ICU wasn't supporting terrorism outside of Somalia - they had enough on their hands in Somalia.

Who knows, though,  Maybe they would have turned into another Taliban-style supporter of Al Qaida and international jihad.  Maybe Al Qaida was hoping that some covert financial aid at the early stage would get them a foot in the door.

But which is worse?  Warlords governing over chaos?  Unceasing war?  Al Qaida bases?  I dunno.  Given the array of bad possibilities, in this situation I'd probably take my chances with the ICU.  Al Qaida could, if it so chose, operate in a lawless environment almost as well as it could with full state support, I reckon.

by Zwackus on Sun Apr 29th, 2007 at 09:12:03 PM EST
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