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This is fascinating.  In the US, we have had a couple of articles over the past few years predicting an upcoming generational war over the issues of social security and medicare, as the baby boom generation retires.  (sorry I can't link to any of these, maybe I'll search later.)  The premise being that these social programs will put heavy burdens on the younger generations as the bulge of baby boomers retire.  But the oldest baby boomers are 61 this year, and social security retirement for that age group is 66.  In addition, tax revenues supporting social security are, I believe, projected to remain positive, tax revenue versus expenditures, until 2018.  So the sense has been we're still a long time away from this, and it's a problem for someone else to handle--the "kick the can down the road" approach of our spineless Congress.

I believe retirement is a little earlier in France, but France and the US have similar demographics.  So perhaps this issue is presenting itself earlier in France?  Are there parts in the Royal platform that would make retirees worried about the ability of the French economy to support them in retirement.  Or maybe the same idea asked differently, are there platforms in the Sarko candidacy that might make the retirees feel more comfortable that money will be there for them in their retirement?

by wchurchill on Sat Apr 28th, 2007 at 09:24:01 PM EST

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