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If people would just get beyond their national myths, then maybe democracy could work.

I like them West Coast thoughts.  Keep them coming.

Having said that, can you explain more what you meant by this:

The Left, which falls on the statist side, gives free reign to internal institutions like the CRS in the name of security and doesn't thoroughly question the role of institutions in causing divisive inequality in France.


I am guessing that an example of this would be the CRS focusing on non-whites in discharing their "crowd and riot control" duties?

Does the left in France really support giving the CRS that much leeway to execute its functions as an organ of the state?

Do you think that diversifying these police forces ethnically could help ameliorate the problem of "causing divisive inequality in France"?

Truth unfolds in time through a communal process.

by marco on Sun Apr 29th, 2007 at 11:16:47 AM EST
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